Vacation 2005

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Come join us and have fun

We're taking a break in 2013! Check back with us next year about joining our CSA. You may also email Erik if you'd like to be alerted to opportunities to purchase organic eggs and produce during the 2013 growing season!

Members join our CSA during March and April and pick up baskets of vegetables at our farm every Wednesday or Thursday from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm from May 18th through September 29th. Everything is picked fresh that day and reflects what is ripe during that week. Customers enjoy the drive in the country to the farm and feeling connected to the season, the food and the people who grow it.

On Pickup Day members baskets are pre-assembled and then they can pick 1-2 items from the Choice Table. Photographs on the left show representative boxes/baskets.

What members have said:

"We loved enjoying the fresh veggies and berries each week."

"We liked getting healthy food from a local family farm."

"I hadn't had fresh rhubarb since I was a child."

"The recipes were great!"

"We enjoyed the weekly drive into the country."

"The basket of goodies was waiting for us."

"I enjoyed the newsletters!"

"Excellent quality"

"I looked forward to visiting each week."

"The varieties were flavorful."

“Your produce rocks!”

“Your strawberries were the best I ever tasted! They were not hollow inside like the ones from California. They were tender, bright red and tasty.”

“I signed up for three different CSA’s during the
same season and I liked yours the best!”

The heirloom orchid and sweet yellow habanera
peppers were awesome!”

“I enjoyed the heirloom Purple Russian, Golden
Jubilee, Brandywine, and Homer German Pink tomatoes!”