Frequently Asked Questions

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Are deer or rodents a problem? No. We benefit from surrounding horse farms which do an excellent job controlling them.  The occasional deer or raccoon gets chased away by "Good Boy", our dog.

What about Mother Nature since we have had so much dry weather during the growing season? We drilled for water in 2006 and found an excellent source between about 45 and 120 feet deep.  We pump water out as we need it and distribute it through pipes, layflat tubing, and drip lines.  We have had bountiful harvests each season and have not run out of water yet

Do you have help? Yes, every day of the season Erik has at least one worker helping him.  During planting season and pickup days we typically have four workers.  We hire neighbors, children of members, and students from the University of Kentucky. 

What if I need delivery?  You have 2 options:
1) Seth Hill at Lose Your List offers delivery for a fee.
2) Some members chose to share their zipcodes and contact each other to share pickup duties. 

What if I am on vacation?  Many members have kindly sent a neighbor or friend to pick up their basket while on vacation. The neighbor/friend enjoys the produce that week and is introduced to our CSA. Another alternative is to alert us of your vacation plans and we can "double you up" on your return.

What is the size of the basket?  The size for a share is a half bushel cardboard tomato box.  This box is not always full, but many weeks it is overflowing!  The most bountiful baskets are in July, August, and September.  We are as generous as we can be.  Photos of typical baskets are located on our "Pickup Day" page. 


May I have a farm tour?  Yes, just call ahead to (859)293-0077.  We are also planning an "Open Greenhouse Day" in March where you can visit.

Can I volunteer?  Yes, volunteers with green thumbs are always welcome to help out on the farm. We do all the work for you when you become a member, but some members find joy in participating. We give you extra veggies in exchange for your labor. Help is especially appreciated during the busy planting season from March through June. The work is fulfilling in that it allows you to enjoy our beautiful, sunny blue sky "office" and camaraderie with coworkers. We also think it is exciting to watch plants grow!

4744 Bryan Station, Lexington, KY